The Beginning

Everything starts somewhere, which often means that there is an expectation for something else to end. Therefore, to begin let’s start at the end. Buying this van has brought an end to spending too much money on hostels, flights, disgusting plane food and long cramped rides on public transport. It’s also a temporary relief from dragging a 16kg rucksack around and possibly crippling my lumber region in the long-term.

But at the same time, I know that we will come across all of those things again. After all unless we mod the van for aquatic conditions I doubt we’d get home to Europe without a flight or two. So it’s not really an end or a beginning. It’s a moment. Moments are easier and less defined, they can happen at any point and be any sort of thing you like. No endings or beginnings, they are self-contained little bubbles of life. I think they are bits you’ll tend to remember too.

This is the moment we bought a 2002 Mazda MPV. In beige.

Let me introduce Granny Mae. She’s a four cylinder maverick with five doors, seven seats and eight cup holders. We have so much work to do. We have so many ideas. We want to reach out. We want to get on the road and we would love for you to come with. Watch this space, Granny Mae is on her merry way.



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